Monday, June 25, 2012

Secret Ice Cream Social

This past weekend Superking and I had several fun and interesting food adventures involving three of my favorite things to cream, cupcakes, and cheese.  You may remember my recent post I did about an Irish dinner we had through an organization known as Feastly.  A mysterious Feastly Facebook post went up Friday afternoon saying only that 8 seats were available for a secret ice cream social on Sunday at 2pm.  No other details other than instructions to email for the address. We decided we couldn't pass this up. This delightful ice cream social we attended was now our 2nd Feastly experience. So much fun, not to mention the delicious ice creams we were able to sample.

Our lovely host, Victoria, is an attorney by day and ice cream connoisseur by night and she has her own blog called Ice Cream Jubilee, where she shares all her unique ice cream creations. A friend of hers graciously opened her downtown DC home to allow Victoria to invite a select few to try some of her latest inventions. What we got was a smorgasbord of flavors!

Thai Iced Tea...
Fresh and light, slightly citrusy

Raspberry Rosewater...
Fruity with a slight floral aftertaste...normally I'm not a fan of floral flavors/scents as they can tend to be overwhelming, but I was pleasantly surprised how subtle the rose flavor was and how the raspberry complimented it perfectly.

Banana Ginger...
Neither one of us like bananas but combined with the ginger it was a winning combination! The ginger helped mellow out the banana flavor, giving it a more creamy flavor

Earl Grey...
Love Earl Grey tea...the bergamot flavor always makes me think of Fruit Loops, my favorite sugary cereal. This Earl Grey ice cream did not disappoint! One of my faves!

Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter Swirl...
You can never go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter...the little pretzel pieces added the perfect salty crunch!

Midnight Mocha...
This was dangerously smooth with a hint of kahlua...very rich and dark.
The texture of each ice cream was nice and creamy and each flavor came through beautifully! It would be hard to pick just one favorite. As we took a poll amongst the guests as to their favorite, it seemed everyone chose a different one.  There wasn't one flavor that stood out to be the best as they were all super yummy! Can't wait to see and taste what she comes up with next!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crawfish Boil

Ok folks, sorry Yumma Yumma has been a little absent for the last month, but things have been a little busy.  I needed a little time to recoop from Gray Kitty Boutique's Apple Blossom adventure, there were a few holidays and family birthdays, end f the school year,  a big party at our house yesterday...oh, and we've been busy getting our house ready to hopefully try to move this summer.  So needless to say there hasn't been a whole lot of time for many new food adventures.  However, I do have a couple I'd like to share with you.

This is a little story about some crawfish.  Once upon a time there was a quaint little restaurant in Leesburg, VA called the Cajun Experience (you may remember a previous blog post about them involving beignets and po'boys).  And every so often this little place would have a special event called a Crawfish Boil and invite all their friends to come out and visit.They would order hundreds, if not thousands, of little crawfish straight from Louisiana, have them delivered on a specific day, and serve them up fresh and hot that very afternoon to all the people in the land who RSVP'd. 

Superking and his Princess were so disappointed because they longed to try these succulent little creatures but alas!  Every time a crawfish boil was scheduled, they had other plans and couldn't make it.  "Some day", they sighed, "we will be able to attend this wonderful event."

this little guy was not too happy that he was about to get cooked up and eaten!

Then one day the decree went forth that another crawfish boil was scheduled and all were invited to attend. And this was possibly the last one of the season! Lo and behold, it was a day that Superking and his Princess had nothing else scheduled!  "Let's go!" said the Princess.  Superking heartily agreed and they sent their RSVP.  They were so excited and the day finally arrived.  It was a very hot day and the event took place outside but thankfully the restaurant provided a few umbrellas for people to sit under.

The crawfish was served in a large aluminum tray.  It seemed as though hundreds of the beautiful red creatures filled the tray along with corn on the cob and wonderful potatoes that had soaked in a little of the cajun seasoning.  This was the Princess's first time eating crawfish so Superking had to show her how it was done. With a quick twist the head popped off the body and they sucked the juice out before proceeding to tear the shell off the rest of it to get to the juicy pink meat of the tail.

They were hot and spicy and oh so tasty! Superking and the Princess ate and ate and ate until they could eat no more crawfish!!  But just before they left to return to their castle, they had to get one more treat for the road...soft, warm, sugary, doughy beignets!!

And they lived happily ever after...or at least for that afternoon!