Me and My CohortZ

Me, my name is Donna. I am a music teacher, specializing in piano, voice, and flute lessons, as well as general elementary music education.  I love to read, mostly young readers fiction, and I'm in the process of building my own home library.  I also love to eat and go on food adventures where we try new restaurants and new foods.

My original cohort, or my husband, his name is Edgar.  I'll probably mention him in just about every post because its extremely rare that we would experience a food adventure separate from one another.  We're like 2 peas in a pod (no pun intended...well maybe a little).  Sometimes I will refer to him as "Hubby" or "Superking".  As an English major (whose focus was writing and editing), a computer whiz, and fellow foodie, he is a major part of my own passion for food and food adventures, and is a co-creator in this blog.

I've recently added a new cohort...Pablo.  He's an anteater who was born at the Washington National Zoo.  We adopted him and now he travels with us on every adventure we take.  He likes to lounge around and he's super cool, as you can probably tell from his photo. Though his diet mostly consists of ants and fruit, he also likes a good food adventure and will often weigh in with his own opinion.