Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pig: To eat or not to eat?

Pigs are highly social and intelligent animals.  In fact, they are more intelligent than dogs, which a lot of people don't know and some (especially dog lovers) don't like to hear. Well, its true.  In the animal kingdom they actually rank fourth in intelligence, after chimps, dolphins/whales, and elephants.

Most people think they are dirty and smelly creatures, when in fact they are actually very clean and non-odiferous.  They do love to play in the mud! But thats because they don't have sweat glands and the mud keeps them cool as well as provides a sort of sunscreen for their sensitive skin.

Aside from being absolutely adorable and smart, they have a very fast learning capacity, faster than even some chimps, and an intensity of focus never seen in chimps.  They live complex social lives, they excel at video games difficult for a young child, they have a great sense of direction, and the mothers are known to sing to their piglets as they nurse them.  And they love close contact with each other as well as their human caregivers and are known to form very strong bonds with both.

So why all this information about an animal that most of us would rather keep on their dinner plate rather than snuggling next to them on the couch?  Its funny how a lot of people's reason for not eating dogs is based on their intelligence and "emotions" they seem to exhibit, the relationship one can have with them, yet pigs are way smarter and show just as much "emotion" and relationship as dogs do.  Hmmm, food for thought.

I also just learned a lot of scary facts about where and how a lot of pork is processed. I will warn you there are some disturbing facts and pictures, but its important to learn where our food comes from so we can make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies. To eat pig or not - only you can answer that question for yourself.  But if you do choose to eat pigs, my hope (and part of the purpose of my blog) is that you will choose to eat happy pigs that are treated humanely in life and in death.  It will be healthier for you, the pig-kind, and your surrounding environment.

Check out my "Where does your food come from?" page to read more about the Smithfield Food company.

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