Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rock Lobstah! Rolls

A couple weeks ago, my hubby and I were shopping at Wegmans and noticed the lobster was really cheap.  It was at that moment we decided we had to make lobster rolls. We've never had genuine lobster rolls like from Maine or anywhere really but they always look so delicious and easy to make.

So we picked up 2 smaller lobsters, about 1 1/2 lbs each, already cooked, and some fresh baked ciabatta bread. Now I know ciabatta bread is not traditional for lobster rolls, usually its a hot dog bun type bread, but ciabatta is really yummy. And you can't beat fresh-baked! Be prepared, you may see a couple other ingredients that aren't traditional to lobster rolls either.  But we're in VA so we can do whatever we want. If we were in Maine doing this, then we would have to be traditional but we're not so...
yummy ciabatta bread

lobsters in love!

We cracked open the lobsters and started pulling out the meat.  For 2 of their smaller lobsters, we got a TON of meat out of those little guys!! We had enough to make 2 large lobster rolls that night and plenty to make 2 more large ones the next night!

And oh so sweet, this precious lobster meat!!!
From top left: remoulade, lobster, onion, celery

We chopped up some red onion and a bunch of celery along with the meat.  Then we mixed in some remoulade sauce (love that stuff! all I need is a spoon!), -again traditionally you use mayonnaise- a little salt and pepper to taste, and then pile all that on a warm toasted ciabatta roll...lobster perfection!

And we served up those delicious lobster rolls with a pile of buffalo blue cheese potato chips! A perfect combination of flavors...sweet, salty, tangy, creamy, savory, crunchy!
Totally Yumma Yumma

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  1. I love lobster! I love Maine! My husband loves lobster rolls (except for the ones we bought at McDonald's in Maine). Your version looks very tasty!