Monday, May 9, 2011

Local Farmers Markets

Over the weekend Superking and I visited one of our local farmers markets.  It happened to be opening day for the summer market though this particular market in Leesburg, VA does a winter one as well that has continued from October til now. 

We hadn't been to the market in a while but the weather was nice and we figured it would be bustling with spring/summer activity. And it was.  Definitely a lot more summer vendors than winter ones and now all the fresh fruits and veggies are making their comebacks as well.

breads from Becky's Pastries

Blue Ridge Dairy...cheese, butter, and yogurt

One of the farms there, Winding Woods Farms, specializes in making goat's milk fudge and soaps.  They actually just had a couple baby goats born at their farm and decided to bring them to the market to show them off.  Absolutely adorable! This particular breed is called Nigerian Dwarf goat so they are (and remain) very small.  Now I'm convinced I need to take one home for a pet! 

2 sleeping baby goats

snuggle snuggle

from Winding Woods Farms in Purcellville, VA

just born Easter Sunday

beautiful blue eyes

Its important to support your local farms and farmers markets, local businesses, local products.  Most of the time local foods are fresher and healthier.  They're not sitting in a factory or warehouse or even on a shelf for months on end before they reach your table.  They're also not usually treated with harmful pesticides and other chemicals that are not meant for human consumption.  And the flavors and aromas are much more prevalent. 

several vendors had beautiful strawberries, like Valencias Produce and Pleitez Produce

Potomac Vegetable Farm and Medinas Produce had lots of greens!

Have you ever walked through your grocery store and smelled the apples or strawberries or peppers? Probably not because most of what you're going to smell is the store itself.  However, when you get fresh produce from the farm, the aroma of each fruit and vegetable will entice you to take a bite.

pretty herbs from Quail Hollow Farm

lots of different mints

pretty flowers for Mothers Day

Buying local is important for the environment.  The environment of the world as well as your own neighborhood.  Do you realize how much of the produce in your grocery store is from somewhere else around the world? Another state, another country even.  Think about how much time, energy, and fuel is being used to bring your grapes from Chile to Northen Virginia or to California or Michigan.  And yet you probably have a number of farms right in your backyard that can provide produce just as good if not better, chemical free, fresher, tastier, from someone in your own neighborhood. Let's not even talk about rising gas prices.

Willowcroft Winery brought their antique car to show off

very nice smooth wines

Buying local is better for the animals.  Because local farms are smaller than massive corporate ones, they have the ability to really take care of each individual animal providing your food.  The animals are treated with the respect as they sacrifice their lives to put food on your plate.  They are able to run free outside and eat grass like God created them to do.  Healthier, happier animals results in healthier food and healthier happier humans.

Milcreek Farm...we get a lot of our bacon from them

Sweetz Bakery, awesome cupcakes!

It amazes me how concerned people are about the labels on their clothes or on their cars. But they're not at all concerned with the labels on their food or even where their food comes from. Please support your local farms and businesses!

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