Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whats the BUZZ?

When I shared with you about my Secret Ice Cream Social, I mentioned there were three food adventures that weekend.  My second one involved cupcakes.  There's a show on the Cooking Channel called Unique Sweets that features all kinds of local sweet treats from all around the country. One night we were watching and they featured one of our local places, Buzz Bakery in Arlington, VA. It turns out they also have one in Alexandria, where we happened to be wandering around that day after our ice cream party.

Nestled in a cute, fresh little shopping area, Buzz Bakery is more than just cupcakes.  Though cupcakes and coffee seem to be their main attractions, they also serve other delectables such as quiche, breakfast sandwiches, scones, pies, cookies, brownies, even beer, wine, and cocktails!

We came just for the cupcakes however and ordered a half dozen to-go.  Here's what we got...

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (2 on left)...moist chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter core, topped with chocolate peanut butter swirl icing and a chocolate peanut butter cup/cookie. 

Cookie Monster (2 on right)...chocolate chip cupcake topped with a cookies 'n cream frosting and a chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

Not sure what the exact name was (bottom middle) but it was a coffee flavored one: coffee cupcake, coffee frosting. Time to wake up!

Coco-Loco (top middle)...a coconut lime...a little sweet, a little tart.

While all the cupcakes were delicious, it was difficult to finish an entire one as the icing was all very sweet.  Not to mention the fact that they seemed bigger than other cupcakes I've had from other boutique cupcake shops. All in all it was a great adventure but I will always remain a loyal fan to my GTown girls in pink galoshes!

Happy 4th of July everybody!!

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  1. Hubby and I are visiting Alexandria on Saturday---can't wait to try this place out!! ;-D