Friday, March 6, 2015

Too Hot to Handle

I haven't had a lot of food adventures lately as we've been trying to save money and we've had a lot of snow days where I've been stuck at home. So I thought I'd do a retro-post from our last trip to Myrtle Beach.  On this cold snowy winter day, here's a spicy burrito challenge...

Superking had told me of a newer restaurant he had read about and wanted to try, called Salarita's.  Its a Mexican fast-food Cantina-style place know for their Burr-Heato Challenge. And Superking decided he had to try it.

Supposedly this is the World's Hottest Burrito because it is made with the Guinness World Record Hottest Chili Pepper: Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper. In this burrito, it uses one tablespoon of sauce made with this chili pepper, along with chicken, black beans, rice, corn salsa, tomatoes, and cilantro.  Notice there is no cheese or sour cream to help cool the burn.

Pablo says "that's too hot for me! smells dangerous!"

Superking can usually handle some pretty hot stuff (he's eaten a raw scotch bonnet and loves ghost chilies) and he likes it! I think the more pain he's in, the more he enjoys it. And its not just the burn. Its the sweating and, God help you if you get the hiccups; then you know you're in trouble. he actually brought his own jug of milk with him in case things got really rough. But I have to give him credit, he didn't drink any milk until after he downed the entire burrito! And it all stayed down, if you know what I mean! Way to go Superking! You have truly earned your nickname on this one!

(I tried to post the video here of him eating the burrito but the file is too big. However, I will be posting it on my Facebook page and will post the link here.)

Luckily they have pretty good food thats not as hot as Hades as well.  I, for example, had a tasty tortilla pizza. A crispy flat tortilla topped with red sauce, cheese, ground beef, black beans, and a sour cream sauce. A nice mild yet flavorful Mexican treat! So if you're feeling saucy and tired of the snow, go check out a Salsarita's near you!

P.S. Extra Bonus: if you make a video of yourself completing the Burr-Heato Challenge, post it to Facebook and tag Salsarita's with #WorldsHottestBurrito, you get a free t-shirt for your troubles! 

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