Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pittsburgh Rick's

So Loudound County VA is a bit devoid of decent breakfast places. There's a couple good ones but they are few and far between. One night we were searching for some new local places to try and we stumbled across a place called Pittsburgh Rick's in old town Leesburg.

Its mostly a sandwich joint serving sandwiches in the style of…guess where? Pittsburgh! But they also have a small breakfast menu. You can go as simple as a cup of coffee and a danish or you can get cinnamon french toast or pineapple pancakes!We opted for the egg and cheese sandwich where you can add either sausage or bacon or both!

cool art of Pittsburgh

Hubby got both bacon and sausage, where as I just went with sausage. Now this sausage is not exactly what I was expecting. Its not your traditional breakfast sausage patty you see on most breakfast menus. Its an actual sausage link like you would see on a sausage/pepper/onion sandwich! It was sliced in half lengthwise and boy, was it spicy! A nice hot kick to your morning eggs!

P.S. Apparently Pittsburgh Rick's also has a food truck, which we got to try recently. Yumma sandwiches!  A steak & cheese and a pastrami & cheese...all sandwiches come topped with fries, a light coleslaw, and tomato and there's a little sauce on the side. It tasted like buffalo sauce but was thin and vinegary. Excellent sandwiches!

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