Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gingerbread Part Two: Christmas at the Circus

A few weeks ago I shared with you my Gingerbread Farm I made for a contest at the National Zoo.  Then just before Christmas we had a gingerbread contest at my church as well. Since I still had tons of candy leftover from the first one, I figured might as well do this one too!

Our theme was the Christmas at the Circus! We totally got robbed on the judging :(  but it was still fun and our team was pleased with the work we did.

Here's all the leftover candy we started out with...

We got a slow start to the first night of work...
the beginnings of our circus tent and our coconut snowy base
 Then we added concession stands, complete with tiny fondant foods..

hot dogs and hamburgers

vanilla ice cream cones with cherries on top

salted pretzels

our circus horse even had life-like droppings

complete with little gingerbread men patrons wearing hats and scarves

cute and colorful!
 Here were some of the other gingerbread creations...

mountain, forest, beach

polar express

world map

transformers fighting ring

pink barbie dream beach house

whoville...3rd place

NY Cityscape...2nd place

treehouse...1st place

Our Circus...better luck next year!

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