Saturday, December 31, 2011

Haute Dog

If you like hot dogs and sausages and various tube meats, you'll love this adorable little place in Purcellville VA called Haute Dog.  It takes hot dogs to a whole new fancy level yet not so fancy that you can't just dig right in and smear ketchup on your face. 

The atmosphere has the elegance and glitz of Marilyn Monroe but with the laid-back comfort of snuggling up with your pet golden retriever. And you'll find pictures of both all over the walls. Sounds a little strange, I know, but it works. And the food is great...tasty, simple, inexpensive, unique, and local!

theres a photo of Marilyn and underneath a row of various dogs

even the bathroom was fancy
 First you get to choose what kind of "dog" you all beef regular hot dog, Italian sausage, Lamb sausage, German bratwurst, kielbasa, country bratwurst (with cheese in it), or a tex-mex bratwurst (with cheese and hot peppers).  All the meat is locally sourced right here in Loudoun County.

Then you choose your's a few examples...

The Bombshell...caramelized onions, mango, pineapple, jalapenos
NY Reuben...sauerkraut, swiss cheese, brown mustard
Three Piece Suit...chili, cheese, chopped onions

a german brat with onions, mustard, banana peppers

served with crispy sweet potato fries

lamb sausage topped with jalapenos and bacon

lamb sausage with blue cheese, caramelized onions

lamb sausage with melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut
 There are many more concoctions listed on their menu that are not listed on their website, including dogs with blue cheese and bacon and chipotle mayo. Plus you can create your own with whatever kind of toppings you like....a myriad of possibilities.

 There are also several sides like fresh cut fries or sweet potato fries or even home-made mac'n'cheese! Whatever you order, it will be yummy, it will be friendly to your pocket, and you'll be served with a smile like you've been somewhere really special. And you really have been.

these look just like my parents dogs!!

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