Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chicama Run Farm

Ok, I'm interupting my whole Christmas feast recipe list to tell you about the little adventure hubby and I took today out to the country.  Chicama Run Farm is located out in Purcellville, VA and you may have noticed their name listed in my "Shop local and organic" section of my site.  They frequent the Leesburg farmers market and we have bought things from them numerous times and my hubby likes to chat with the lady who owns the farm.  Sometimes they open their farm for visitors to come and see it and to buy their products directly there at the farm when they can't get to the farmers market.  So we just happened to notice that today was one of those days.  Having the day off, we decided to venture out there.

It was so beautiful out there in the country and yet its not really that far from home.  So peaceful and serene.

When we pull up to the house we were greeted by a friendly dog coming to say hello and a fenced in area full of chickens grazing in the grass.  A few of the chickens were actually out of the enclosure roaming around the front yard and no one seemed bothered at all.

Then walking across the yard, we see a big brown llama and a bunch of goats and more chickens. Apparently there were some pigs in the barn but they didn't want any visitors today.  Too cold for them I guess.  But the llama and the goats came near the fence for a quick pose for the camera.

And then there were more chickens down a little hill with a small flock of ducks.  Again no enclosures, totally free range.  As we walked down to get a closer look at the ducks, however, the ducks began running the other direction and instead a huge herd of chickens came chasing after us, thinking we had food for them.  It was hilarious!! And slightly unnerving, seeing all these chickens, and a few very large and burly roosters come running towards you and not sure what they'll do when they discover you don't have the food they were hoping for!

One rooster even let out a very loud and surprising "cock-a-doodle-doo" while standing right next to us!!  Some of the birds feathers were really quite beautiful.

Also in the barn, which we couldn't see into, were some mama goats, soon to give birth.  The farm owner was telling us that the llama was the protector of the goats.  Especially over the mama goats.  When the mama goat gives birth, the llama stands guard right next to her to protect the mama and the baby from any possible nearby predators. God's creations are so amazing!

ducks in the distance

even a kitty cat

Its so important to know where your food comes from and to support your local farms!!

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