Friday, December 31, 2010

Say "Happy New Year!" with a cupcake!

As we approach another new year and new decade, I'd like to end 2010 with a post about my favorite cupcake place.  You may have heard about them or even seen them on TV (their show is DC Cupcakes).  As my hubby would say, we liked them when they were underground.  In other words, before they were super famous.  But we still love them.  These are among the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.
Here's the line waiting for them to open

Georgetown Cupcake; located right in the heart of Georgetown DC, on M Street. 

I've tried many flavors and they are all magnificent.  My faves are probably the Chocolate 2 and the PB Fudge. I have even been known to lick extra frosting off my napkin in public without shame, its that delectable.

Here are a few pics of ones we've tried...
Snowball (coconut), Chocolate 2, Chocolate Eggnog, Pb Fudge

PB Fudge, Chocolate 2, Salted Caramel, Cherry Cheesecake

Chocolate 3, Chocolate 2, Salted Caramel

PB Fudge and Mint Cookies N Cream
They are beautiful and oh so yummy.  Make a New Year's resolution to get out and try them if you're in DC in 2011.  It will be worth it!

PS...thank you to all of those who have been reading my blog over the last couple months! Looking forward to what kind of foodie goodness 2011 brings!

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