Sunday, March 27, 2011

DC Cherry Blossoms Part Three: The Thunder Burger and Bar

After seeing the pretty cherry blossoms, it was still fairly early in the day and approaching lunch time.  We took a cab over to Georgetown (where we had our surprise run-in with the DC Cupcake girls) and went to lunch at the Thunder Burger and Bar.

This was a place Superking had been to a couple times without me :(  Now it was my turn! The restaurant has a rock 'n roll/ heavy metal theme with metal-studded leather chairs and red zebra velvety booths. We happened to arrive there when they were still serving brunch as well as lunch. The brunch menu looked tasty with an array of omelets and pancakes and waffles piled high with whipped cream and strawberries. But we opted for lunch.

the king's table

They are most known for their burgers, cooked medium or medium rare with a warm pink center unless otherwise requested.  Some people might be a little nervous about that but this restaurant serves only beef that is all natural, free-range, and freshly ground so its perfectly safe. And man, is it good and juicy!

the library room

fake ivy on the walls

old brick fireplace with large wooden mantel

Along with their free-range beef burgers comes a whole list of amazing, and some quite unique, toppings. Here are a few...charred jalepeno and poblano peppers, caramelized red onion relish, ancho or wasabi mayo, gorgonzola blue cheese, tobacco onions, pineapple salsa, triple creme brie cheese, fried egg, and pulled pork BBQ.  Those are probably some of the most unique ones. There were also more normal ones like tomato, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, bacon, guacamole. And all the burgers come with lettuce and remoulade sauce on a sesame seed challah bun.
powdered sugar chips served while waiting for our meal

Superking's burger had tobacco onions (no these don't taste like cigarettes, just a smoky flavor), charred peppers, grilled red onion, aged white cheddar, fried egg, and pulled pork BBQ.  Served with a small bucket of Thunder French fries.

Mine was a bit more simple with sauteed mushrooms, applewood smoked bacon, and triple creme brie. Of course, I had to do the brie! And it was served with sweet potato fries with a ginger aioli mayo.

Everything was very tasty! Or should I say, Yumma Yumma! The burgers were huge and I ended up taking half of mine home for dinner later! Overall it was a really neat place with great food. When are we going back??


  1. Wasn't it so worth it?! Meg and I are dying to go back. I also want to have a party in that back room--I made friends with the manager, and he said it was no charge to rent it out! :)

  2. oooo I think you sat in the same spot we were at! And no fair! You got powdered sugar chips and we didn't!

  3. Looks like an awesome place. Powdered sugar chips? Genius! Great review!