Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Spring!

I had a lovely brunch at a friend's house the other day. Just a few ladies, getting together to chat, and have a simple meal. While waiting for everyone to show up, I was putting the berries I brought into a bowl and noticed how pretty they looked.  My friend's kitchen has these huge windows that were letting in all this great natural light so I decided to steal the opportunity to take a few food pictures.

These pictures are taken with my cell phone camera! Its amazing what a lot of natural light can do for your photos.  Even if you have a crappy camera.

My friend also had this great vase of colorful flowers that I thought looked beautiful with the bowl of berries in the sunlight.  She had stepped into the bathroom while I was taking these pictures and when I saw the vase, I thought, hope she doesn't mind me rearranging things for a moment! She came out to see me in mid-shot and just laughed! Ever the food blogger!

Just simple and beautiful.  A lovely time with treasured friends and good food.

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