Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage 50

Ok, here's another retro-blog post from a fantastic local restaurant Superking and I visited back in December.  Vintage 50 is located in downtown Leesburg, VA, tucked away in the lower level of an office building just off the main strip of Market Street before you enter Oldtown Leesburg.

The atmosphere here at Vintage 50 is warm and cozy, with a bar/lounge area, a lovely main dining room, and a cute little outdoor patio area for when the weather's nice. The bar area has an old-world English pub feel with a modern twist. And the dining room, though not super formal, is sophisticated and crisp. The food is a combination of both...innovative dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms that keeps the menu changing constantly.

When we were there in December for lunch, we were served from the Lounge menu which is slightly smaller than the dinner menu and offers items such as salads, flatbreads, and burgers. We decided to start with one of their appetizer specialties...Duck Fat Fries!  These are fries like no other. Thick potatoes sliced and poached in duck fat, then fried, and served with a spicy ketchup.  If you've never had anything cooked in duck fat, you need to!

Then for our meal, I ordered the Kobe Beef Hot Dog.  It had been a really long time since I'd eaten a hot dog. So I figured this was the one to have.  Juicy, fat, succulent beefy hot dog with that little crispy snap of the casing. You get your choice of 3 toppings so I chose cheddar cheese, saurkraut, and caramelized onions. Saurkraut, I'm sure some of you are saying, "Eww gross!".  My husband would agree but I love the stuff! And it was awesome on this Kobe beef hot dog!

Superking chose the Vintage Elite Burger.  A massive house-ground Angus beef burger served on a pretzel roll with your choice of 3 "elite" toppings. I'm not really sure what makes them "elite" but they were all pretty yummy looking.  Since this was from back in December, we don't remember exactly what the toppings we chose were. But there some kind of fancy cheese (probably gruyere), some kind of fancy ham, and some kind of fancy mushrooms on that monstrous burger. And he ate every single bite!

We were way too stuffed for any kind of dessert. I think when we left there, we waddled home for a nap! But we are pining to go back for their Sunday brunch (bottomless Belgian waffles and Biscuits & Gravy) and their Dinner Menu (Superking wants to try the Veal Sweetbreads and I want to try the Savory Pear Tart)...Super Yumma Yumma!!


  1. We went there a couple of years ago for our anniversary. They had a man playing the violin while we ate our dinner. Very nice! We really enjoyed it. Although, I can't remember what we ate I know it was good!

  2. Just found your blog through that website about the japanese yam, anyway I can't TELL you how good bottomless Belgian waffles and Biscuits & Gravy sounds to me right now!

    I'd pay $15 for that! But not a penny more.

  3. Oh Donna, not those pictures specially when I forgot to pack my lunch. Now I will be hunting down the fast food joints like crazy. Thank you for taking us on another wonderful trip.