Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Farmers Market

Superking and I took a trip out to the Leesburg Farmers Market this morning.  The weather was a little muggy but not too hot. And the market was bustling and the produce was flowing.

Picture #1

I read this morning in the farmers market newsletter that they're having a photo contest...
              Farmers Market Photo Contest
  As part of the Farmers Market Week celebration, VDACS is sponsoring a Photo Contest in three age groups, as well as  for the most photographed market. The deadline is Wednesday, August 17, 2011, to send in an original photo taken at a local farmers market. Four winners, one child 12 or under, one teenager and one adult, will receive a prize package of Virginias Finest and Virginia Grown products worth at least $100. The farmers market with the most entries also will receive a special prize package. Complete details, contest rules and a release form are available online at
I was able to take a bunch of beautiful photos this morning. Do you think any of these have a chance at winning? Make your votes!!
#2. blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

#3. blackberries

#4. blackberry juice

#5. garlic

#6. grapes

#7. hot peppers-variety

#8. serranos, big bombs, anchos

#9. this is the warning label for the next picture..."when eaten is described as the equivalent to dying"
#10. ghost peppers (or bhut jolokia)

#11. yes, Superking had to buy some. let's hope we don't have to take a trip to the ER.

#12. green onion

#13. lamb fries...does anyone know what those are?? Take your guesses!

#14. little tomatoes

#15. melons

#16. peaches and plums

#17. purple peppers and green peppers

#18. more plum varieties

#19. variety of heirloom tomatoes and others

#20. tomato closeup

#21. more berries


  1. oh, fresh fruit and veggies...nothing like 'em! Love your pictures too!!!

  2. Be sure to post here and on FB before & after photos of Superking's daredevil stunt of eating one or more of these! Favorite photo #2. Love the rainbow.

  3. i have consumed (and survived) eating a Bhut Jolokia on a personal pizza i threw together. i've done habaneros in the past with no problems, but these things are insane. unless you're a total chilihead with a high tolerance for heat and reckless abandon, i'd steer clear of these things. and now i'm paying for it again (let's say the "post digestion" phase).