Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Grillin'!

Superking and I recently bought ourselves a little charcoal grill. Up til now, if we wanted to grill something, we would hop down the street to my in-laws' house with our food and bogart their grill, then run back home before the food got too cold.  Superking finally broke down and got us our own. Its a Weber and its small, not too expensive, but its perfect for us.  And we've been grillin' up a storm every chance we get!!

The first night we fired it up, we got a nice tender filet and some raw shrimp.  We've never cooked raw shrimp ourselves before.  But we marinated them...half in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and half in this creamy Greek marinade with lots of spices...and put them on skewers.  The filet, prepared with nothing but salt and pepper. We also tossed a few poblano peppers on the grill too.

The steak was perfectly tender and juicy and the shrimp plump and pink with a slight smokiness. The peppers had a lovely char on the skin. Everything was great and so easy!

 And every time we fire up the grill, we leave it burning for a while after dinner so we can roast marshmallows to make smores!! Superking asked me after about the second or third time of doing this, if the smores were going to continue to be an after-dinner-grilling-tradition.  I'm like, uh heck yeah!! What kind of question is that??

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