Friday, September 2, 2011

Wild Boar and Antelope

Nope. This isn't about a trip to the zoo nor are we going on a safari. This is about dinner.

Whenever we get the chance we take a drive over to the Organic Butcher of McLean. They have so many unique things to offer that you can't find anywhere else. We even bought a big lamb roast for our Easter dinner earlier this year from there.

Recently we visited there and purchased Wild Boar and Bacon Sausages. Brought them home and cooked them up in the frying pan and served them as sausage and pepper subs.  Chopped and lightly sauteed some green peppers and red onion and even sliced a couple jalepenos for Superking (I can't handle the hot stuff).  Melted some spicy salsa jack cheese on a toasted sub roll and sliced the cooked sausage into lovely little medallions.  Delish! Super savory, slightly gamey with a sweet smokiness of the bacon mixed in. Yumm!

On another visit we wanted to pick up some ground meat to make burgers.  "Whaddya got?" we asked the butcher. "Elk,buffalo, ostrich?"  "No," he replied. "But we do have antelope."  Wide-eyed Superking and I looked at each other.  "We'll take that!"

So he brings out a couple packages of antelope burger and we promptly take it home and fashion some nice burger pattys out of it and cook it up. Antelope is a very lean meat similar to venison. The flavor is kind of a cross between venison and beef.  It was very flavorful, also slightly gamey, yet I think we might mix it with another meat next time to give it a little more fat.  Nevertheless, I would eat it again exactly as we had it as well.

We topped our antelope burgers with some melted sharp cheddar cheese, crisp arugula, and some freshly home-made pico de gallo salsa (for another blog post). What a beautiful colorful burger it made!!


  1. I wonder if they ever have kangaroo? We loved the little medallions of it on our pizza in OZ; I definitely need to check this place out, it sounds right up my alley! Btw, do you know of a good seafood place that will sell shucked, cooked lobster etc?

  2. Wegmans often has good lobster. This Organic Butcher place does have seafood there too. Shucked lobster, maybe, already cooked, maybe not.