Thursday, September 8, 2011

Uncle Julios Frog Legs

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  We had just left church, all our family had made other plans without us, and we were hungry.  What to do? We drove to Reston Town Center to have lunch at Uncle Julios.  I had a craving for nachos. Or at least some good melty nacho cheese.

Of course yummy crisp tortilla chips were served with some spicy salsa and a side of queso! Yumm! As we peruse through the menu, Superking noticed they have frog legs listed. Of course he had to get them!

They were pretty delicious! As they say, they did taste a lot like chicken but there were some differences too. They had a smokey grilled flavor and were smaller than chicken legs but very juicy. They were served with rice and beans, salsa fresca, and warm tortillas.

I , on the other hand went for something a little more pedestrian but just as yummy.  Camarones Brochette. Thats grilled shrimp wrapped in bacon and stuffed with melted Monterey Jack cheese and jalapenos. They were also very juicy and smokey.  A little spicy; though I picked most of the jalapenos out there was still a little jalapeno juice in there. The rice and beans were really good too. The beans are called frijoles a la charra.  They were a little spicy and more soupy than regular refried beans.

It was a unique and delicious lunch!

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