Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Mellow Mushroom at the Ice Cream Parlour

One night in Myrtle Beach we wanted to go for a low-key cheap dinner.  Whats more low-key and cheap than pizza?  But the problem is that we've been a little spoiled with pizza by The Don's, a local NoVa pizza joint run by a friend of ours.  Their pizza is the best! For us, thats the only take-out pizza we eat.  So to find another pizza worthy of our tastebuds, is quite a feat.

The Mellow Mushroom is an interesting and unique little place.  They serve salads and subs as well as pizza but pizza is their main gig.  And they offer many unique toppings on their pizzas such as broccoli, feta cheese, tofu, jalapenos, bbq sauce, red potatoes, and tzatziki sauce and of course all the typical cheeses and meats and veggies too.

We ordered the Funky Q Chicken pizza...topped with bbq chicken, mozarella and cheddar cheeses, caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon, and bbq sauce.  It was very rich and tasty.  A little bit of sweet, a little bit of smokey. A lot of flavor.

In our opinion, The Don's still wins hands down. But The Don's can't come to Myrtle Beach with me so the Mellow Mushroom is a good away-from-home option.  And incidentally, there is a new Mellow Mushroom coming to the Adams Morgan area of DC in the very near future! So go check it out!!

After we had Mellow Mushroom pizza we stopped at Kirk's 1890 Ice Cream Parlour for dessert.  It was jumpin'!

Its got an old-timey flair to it and the ice cream is hand-scooped.  There's even a couple old-school video games for the kids.  

Superking got peanut butter cup ice cream and mine was butterfinger, both in a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and peanuts!!  It was so creamy and sweet! It was probably the same ice cream you could've bought in the store but the atmosphere is so quaint. And really, do you want to scoop your own ice cream into a cone? I think not.


  1. We have a couple of Mellow Mushroom pizzas near where I live. They are okay. I do know of people who will drive a long way to eat at a Mellow Mushroom, but I think there are better options in my area. Of course, my favorite pizza can only be found in my hometown.

  2. Paula, I definitely agree. Mellow Mushroom was a nice alternative for being out of town but it wasn't nearly as good as our hometown pizza either.