Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dean and Deluca

I love this little shop! Dean and Deluca is one of my favorite stops on M Street now.  If you've never been there, you need to go! Its kind of a grocery store but oh so much more than that!  Its modern and yet has a vintage, old-school charm about it.  As I walked through the store ogling over its wares holding my cute little wire shopping basket, I felt this overwhelming combined feeling of snootiness from being in an upscale foodie place in Georgetown but also sensed this giggling little hungry girl waiting to jump out and grab all the delectable goodies and shove them in my mouth!!

There's an old-school butcher waiting to cut a variety of meats for you including game meats, smoked and cured meats. A lovely seafood counter that includes fancy things like caviar! Prepared foods such as foie gras, tapas, various side dishes, soo many cheeses, sausages, nuts, a large wine and spirits section...they even make fresh sandwiches made-to-order right there on the spot.

There are herbs, spices, sauces, coffee, produce, oils, pastas, cookware, table linens, anything you can imagine a regular grocery store might have except its all gourmet, hand-crafted, artisan foods.

Mt favorite things though were the pastries and the candies!! So beautiful, almost too pretty to eat.  I said almost! The pastries and the candies were pure edible art. Beautiful colors and techniques.

And I loved all the old apothecary jars used for the different candies! I definitely had to snarf up a few pieces of flavored licorice....strawberry and sour apple...yumm!

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