Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taste of Georgetown 2011

Taste of Georgetown is a lovely foodie festival that celebrates...whats else? The wonderful foods that are Georgetown!  We've been able to recruit a few of our friends into joining us on some recent food adventures and this was one of them.  Our friend, Tierney, joined us on this one!

Many of our favorite Georgetown restaurants were there offering some small tasty bites.  Some things we'd tried before and also some new things. 

A place called Chadwicks had mini Cajun chicken egg rolls served with a sweet and sour sauce. Very crispy and yummy!

Delicious fish tacos from Sequoia. Crispy shell and fresh fish with tomato and lettuce inside.

Baja shrimp ceviche from Sea Catch Restaurant and Raw Bar. Fresh and chunky!

the shadow was trying to steal our ceviche!

Mie N Yu had Spicy Pumpkin and Coconut Soup with duck confit and topped with pepitas.  This was one of my favorites!! And lucky for me, Superking and Tierney (we'll have to come up with an alter-ego name for you at some point) aren't huge pumpkin fans so that left most of it for me!  I love duck and I love pumpkin...who would've thought they'd be so good together in a coconut soup! Amazing!

open wide, honey bunny!

A place called Neyla offered freshly made hummus and baba ganouj with a crispy pita.  Delicious and creamy! The pita also was seasoned with herbs and spices on one side too which added a nice flavor with the dips.

Mortons had simple steak sandwiches.  It was a piece of tenderly cooked medium steak on a simple white bread and spread with mayonnaise.  I would've thought a fancy steakhouse like Mortons would've offered something a little fancier. But it was delicious all the same. I don't think we would've found a steak any better anywhere else.

Bodega's had a huge vat of paella they were churning up fresh which wasn't quite ready for us at that time so we had to wait til later. But while we waited we tried their serrano ham served on mini toasts with a tomato compote.

Thunderburger had juicy little cheeseburger sliders.

a view of the Georgetown Canal

Georgetown Catering had pumpkin whoopie pies, peanut butter and jelly whoppie pies and lobster rolls served with sweet potato chips.  Quite the combination!  But we weren't turning it down!

Of course we had to make a stop at our beloved Georgetown Cupcake!! They were giving away 2 flavors in one box. Tier got the Red Velvet & Peanut Butter Fudge. While Superking and I got the Salted Caramel and Lava Fudge.

We went for a walk and did a little shopping in Georgetown before coming back to the festival for one more small bite.  We went back for the paella which was finally ready. It was thick and hot, full of rice and veggies. Super yummy and worth the wait!

And we got a tenderloin kabob from Sequoia.  Complete with roasted veggies. A nice savory end to the day!

I can't believe we actually ate all that food! It was all so yumma yumma!! This is why I love Georgetown!


  1. awesome weather ... snarfing oodles of good food in the company of beautiful women ... loved it!

  2. Jean L. Buffalo New YorkDecember 5, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    Hi, we really enjoyed the Taste of Georgetown. I cannot remember what the food was that was served next to the one that had the She Crab Soup. Do you know? Was it Sanford's Fried Red Tomato? I know that it was delish, I would like to make an app. like it. Wish I had kept the program menu. The Chicken Osso Bucco was very good also at Portofino. We are looking forward to our stay again next fall, and attending the Taste of Georgetown on more time.

  3. I can't remember, there were so many places there. But glad to hear you enjoyed your visit! Maybe we'll see you there next year!