Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Truckeroo 5

Or should I say TruckerBoo! Last month was the final Truckeroo of the year.  Since it was right before Halloween, they called it TruckerBoo this time.  And this is the one time I went withOUT Superking, which was a little strange.  But I did get to go with a bunch of my girlfriends which was totally rad!

My mom and me, along with my friends Crishana, Tierney, and Joelle, all piled into one car and drove down to the Bull Pen to check out the food trucks together for some girl time! It was so fun! For all the other girls, it was their first Truckeroo and they were all excited to try as many different foods as they could.

Between the five of us, we had so much food! And every bite was delicious!  Although it wasn't complete girl power the entire time since my dad, who works just a few minutes from the Navy Yard, came to join us for a bite of lunch too.

we even made friends with a cute little doggie

he reminded me of Seymour (for all you Futurama fans)

Here are some of the trucks we hit and foods we ate...

these guys gave Sueprking a free gyro once when he was working downtown and their credit card machine was down

yummy lamb gyro
The Yellow Truck


Sang on Wheels

(Sahng not sang like I sang a song)

humongous lamb meatballs on drunken noodles and a free egg roll
some weird mute hippie people selling LassiPops

"welcome to your circular existence" it says

rosewater cardamom lassipop

peanut butter chocolate mini cheesecake...yummmm
carrot cupcake

There was also BBQ and several kinds of macaroni 'n cheese and grilled cheese and even ice cream. Lots of fun and food was had by all!! Can't wait for next year's Truckeroo season!!

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