Sunday, March 11, 2012

2 Amy's Again

2 Amy's is a great little authentic pizza place in the Cleveland Park area of DC.  We've been here before but its taken us almost a whole year to make it back here.  There are always so many new places we want to try, its hard to make it back to the good ones we've already been to.  But we had been craving some 2 Amy's pizza for a couple weeks and we had a free Saturday to make a trip to DC so here's where we ended up...

A selection of mixed olives in their own olive oil...

Be careful of the pits! These things are fresh!
 Nice tart mix of favors, some strong, some subtle, all delicious.

A lovely salty combination...sardines and olives

Pretty little salty sardines served with bread and butter...

The butter added a slight sweet and creamy texture to the salty little fish.

The bread was baked fresh too.  Soft on the inside, a bit crunchy on the crust.

And then the pizza...

Salami, peppers, buffalo mozarella...yumminess!

Oh yeah, sometimes on Saturdays, they also offer these donuts for a dessert.  I guess we ate them so fast we forgot to take pictures of them. But trust me, they were awesome!  Lightly crisp, covered with sugar, baked fresh, and still warm when they put them in the paper bag.  They even let you have the leftover donut holes that go with them!

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  1. Olives, sardines, and crusty about heaven! :D