Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Bratwurst King

Food trucks in DC have been a big craze for the last couple years.  But now there are food trucks beginning to pop up even in the suburbs surrounding DC.  I've already shared with you my yummy experience with Windy City Red Hots based in Leesburg and Ashburn VA.  But the Bratwurst King I found in Herndon.  Well technically my brother-in-law found him and told my husband (Superking) who then told me. Regardless who found him, The Bratwurst King is a food truck worth searching for.

Wolf Antoni, the Bratwurst King himself, wanted to bring a taste of home here to America by serving traditional German and Austrian dishes with an Old World European charm.  From what I tasted, he's pretty successful...both with the food and the charm. 

We ordered the Bratwurst platter...a German style bratwurst on a soft roll with a side of sauerkraut. The bratwurst was plump and juicy and very flavorful.  I love a good sauerkraut and this definitely hit the spot...nice and sour with a slight crunch...a perfect pairing with the savory brat. The mustard I added on my own.  There was a variety of mustards available to choose, spicy, sweet. I went for the straight up German mustard all the way which also added a nice tang to the rest of the dish.

We also ordered the currywurst...Ok let's hit the pause button for a second.  Do you remember the weird not-so-great experience I had with currywurst before at the Doner Bistro? This experience, thankfully was nothing like that.  I finally got to see and taste what currywurst actually is and the Bratwurst King knows how to do this up right.

First of all this dish is very cabbage, yellow curry powder, lovely sausage...beautiful.  The taste? Amazing!  Sweet and spicy...not hot spicy but spice flavorful!  The cabbage and the sauerkraut that came with it, once again was the perfect compliment to the sweetness and spiciness of the currywurst.  My bratwurst was really good but I totally wanted to steal the rest of Superking's plate of currywurst after I tasted it.  I will definitely be ordering that myself next time!

An acquaintence of Superking's also came with us to check out this delectable food truck and he ordered the Schnitzel burger. I believe schnitzel is like a piece of pork which is flattened, then breaded and fried, and in this case put on a bun and served with German potato salad.  He was too busy eating it as quickly as he could to make any further comments but it must have been tasty as it gone in no time flat.

As we continued to chat with Mr. Antoni about his business, we let on that I was a food blogger and he graciously offered a couple other sausages for us to sample.  The skinnier one (on the left in the picture below) was the Nurnberger.  It reminded me of a breakfast sausage...smaller than the brats, slightly sweet and herby.  The fat red one (on the right in the picture below) was one I can't remember the name of but had a spicy kick to it, this time I do mean hot spicy, but only a little.

Its so refreshing to see a few food trucks brave enough to venture outside the city, especially ones that serve great food like this. Its unique, its ethnic, the price is cheap but the quality isn't.   The Bratwurst King's slogan is "Royal Pleasures-Tasty Treats" and it certainly is that.  If you're near Sunrise Valley Drive in Herndon on a Thursday, you must look for the Bratwurst King and his tasty treats!! Or check out his Twitter page or  Facebook page to find out where else he'll be, maybe Reston or Tysons, or even your neighborhood!

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