Sunday, October 23, 2011

Doner Bistro and Waterford Fair

It was my birthday a couple weeks ago.  The big 3-3.  Woohoo.  Anyway, my mom took me out to the Waterford fair and to lunch that day to celebrate.  The fair exhibits lots of historical/colonial crafts as well as Civil War re-enactments and such.  There's always lots of neat things to see and do there for the whole family.

After wandering around there for a couple hours, we decided it was time for lunch so we ventured into Leesburg looking for a place to go.  I remembered seeing a place back in August when I ran my 10K.  Right at the finish line there was a little interesting looking German bistro.  Let's go check it out!

my mom and I taking a picture of ourselves

weird, right?

Its an odd little sort-of-fast-food-cafe kinda place called the Doner Bistro. Apparently "Doner" is a traditional Turkish dish of meat cooked by turning (like on a rotisserie) served on a platter with rice. Then somewhere along the way a Turkish guy living in Germany decided to change the dish and serve the meat in a flatbread with sauce, similar to a gyro. So its kind of Turkish meets German meets Greek, all combined onto one plate. Their menu also offers falafel, bratwurst, and currywurst. French fries on the side were served with curry ketchup.

ooh a fancy chandelier

we ate outside next to the Mighty Midget Kitchen

My mom chose the bratwurst which you could order with or without the bun.  It seemed to be a decent brat sausage on crispy bread, juicy and savory. The fries were crispy and well seasoned and had a fresh potato flavor.

I ordered the currywurst.  While it was tasty, I have to say I was a little disappointed.  I'm even more disappointed now that I've seen their website.  Basically what I got was a fancy German corndog...a long sausage of some sort wrapped in a fried batter.  There was no curry flavor except when I dipped it in the curry ketchup which was yummy and interesting.  And now having looked at their menu and pictures of the currywurst on the website, I'm left wondering exactly what was I served?? Because what was on my plate was nothing like their pictures or their description of the currywurst.  In fact theres nothing on their website that even comes close to matching what I ate. 

Its a mystery.  One that, should I ever go back there, I will definitely be inquiring about.

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