Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whew!...I'm SEW tired!!

Its been a crazy busy couple of months around our household.  My sister-in-law, Gwen, and I started our own crafting business this year on Etsy called Gray Kitty Boutique (check us out on Facebook!!!).  She does crocheting and I sew and most of our products are accessory-type items...hats, scarves, bags, aprons, headbands...While Etsy's site is nice and has lots of cool stuff, as a crafter its easy to get lost in the sea of crafters there.  We decided to hit a few local craft fairs when fall came around to try to get our name out and about town.  We did one in September and one today, even visited another to get some ideas a few weeks ago, and are hoping to do a couple more for the holidays.  All those craft fairs means I've been sewing my fingers to the bone in my own home-made sweatshop in my dining room. 

As a result of all this crafting, my house is a wreck (though Superking graciously cleaned the kitchen while I was gone today as a sweet surprise for me!! So many kisses to him for that!) and I haven't had much time for many food adventures or food blogging. But I do have a couple food stories lines up for you that I'd like to share.

Cotton Monster

me talking to Etsy lady

The one craft show we only visited was in DC (of course) and it was called the Crafty Bastards.  Gotta love that name! It was located in Adams Morgan and we decided to go early and have breakfast somewhere nearby.  We chose The Diner, a place that serves breakfast 24 hours a day! And even at 8am on a Saturday morning, it was bustling with people.

We started with drinks - a coffee and a hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate even came in a fancy glass.  It was topped with whipped cream which melted very quickly.  A nice chocolate flavor without being overly sweet.

We kept our meals simple with egg sandwiches. I had an egg and cheese sandwich with chicken sausage and cheddar cheese served with a side of home fries.

Superking had a Croque and Dagger...basically a fancy egg sandwich with bacon, gruyere cheese, and bechamel sauce on a French loaf, also served with home fries.

The food was simple but good and warming to the tummy on what turned out to be a very chilly rainy day and the atmosphere, though busy was warm and friendly.  It seemed like a cozy place to go for a midnight snack run! And the Crafty Bastards craft fair was a lot of fun.  So many talented crafters there that gave us many ideas for Gray Kitty Boutique.  Can't wait to put those ideas into action!

a knit slug

books as purses

pretty pillows

Chirp and Bloom...pretty baby items

Rogue Theory pouches

apron skirts with cupcake pockets

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