Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Bloggiversary to Yumma Yumma!!

One year ago today I wrote my first blog post for Yumma Yumma.  I can't believe its been a year already!  So many food adventures.  So many new foods eaten and new restaurants tried.  A complete evolution of food philosophies.

Its interesting, lately I've been writing about all the neat places we visited in Myrtle Beach this year (and theres still a few more to share) and it was our trip to Myrtle Beach last year that sparked the idea for this blog.  We had done our first weekend in DC and then searched out food adventures in Myrtle Beach and just felt this yearning desire to share all those experiences, good and bad, with the world.

So here we are a year later. Still searching for the ultimate food adventure. And having fun eating lots of yummy and unique foods along the way.

When I first started this blog, we weren't eating any meat except seafood.  Now we've broadened our food horizons to eating all kinds of meat (just wait til my upcoming post about lamb fries...) but still with a healthy respect to all the creatures that sacrifice their lives to be on our plates. The Japanese, instead of saying, "Bon appetit!" before every meal, they say, "itatakemasu", which means, "I take your life".  It is a way to honor the sacrifice made to fill their plates and bellies, whether by plant or animal.  A thoughtful way to look at your food. 

Food can be an art when done right and enjoyed.  To some its just fuel to keep the body going.  I see it as one more way to enjoy the life we've been given.  Another way to make a statement about who you are.  And as my friend Remy says, "if you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff."  Good words to live by.

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