Saturday, October 15, 2011

Truckeroo 4

We've been lucky enough to be able to attend 2 truckeroo events so far and hoping to do the next one.  Truckeroo 4 in September was just as awesome as the first one we went to but we did learn a few things.  Bring lots of cash because a lot of trucks won't take cards and go earlier in the day instead of waiting til nighttime because its way too crowded, the lines are too long, and therefore you won't get to try as much tasty food.

Superking and I split up for the first course. I went to DC Empanadas. I don't think I had ever really had a proper empanada before and their menu looked yummy and reasonably priced, and their line was short.  Their menu only consisted of three types and they offered a deal where you could get three empanadas for only $9.  "Give me one of each, please!" I say. 

The first was a spiced shredded beef one with rice in a tomato-based sauce. The second was a pork one; chorizo to be exact with potatoes and spices.  A little bit of heat on the end. The third one was a vegetarian one with black beans, rice, peppers and onions, and melted Monterey Jack cheese.  All three of them had deliciously savory fillings with buttery flakey crusts on the outside.  I think our favorite was probably the chorizo. 

black beans and rice and cheese

Superking went over to the Cajunators truck, which serves Cajun and Creole cuisine.  He chose the shrimp po' boy.  It was a sub roll topped with tomatos, lettuce, pickles, remoulade, and fried little shrimp.  While we felt the bread was a little too crusty and there was a bit too much of it, the filling inside the bread was pretty tasty.  The veggies were crisp and fresh, the remoulade tangy, and the shrimp perfectly fried and seasoned. Even the pickles added a nice sour crunch. Next time though I would just eat the insides with a fork and use the bread to feed the birds.

The next truck stop was The Big Cheese, a grilled cheese truck.  You might think, ok grilled cheese, really? Its cheese and bread, whats the big deal? But these guys take grilled cheese to a whole new level.  We ordered the Mt Fuji grilled cheese.  Select brie cheese, sliced fuji apples, and honey on multigrain bread.  First of all I LOVE cheese and brie is one of my faves.  Cheese with apples and honey is an awesome flavor party in my mouth.  Normally I'm not really a fan of multigrain breads especially when there's a bunch of big seeds in it but even the bread was tasty.  It had little sunflower seeds on the crust and added a lovely grainy crunchy compliment to the other sweet and tart flavors.Yumm!

ooey gooey deliciousness

Then we needed one more small bite before dessert so we went to Stix.  Guess what they offer? Food on sticks of course!  They have meat sticks, veggie sticks, even fruit sticks and sweet sticks.  We went for the zesty tequila lime steak stick.  Juicy grilled steak drunk on tequila, lime, and cilantro.  It even came with an extra lime slice to squeeze for more soury goodness! It was served in a unique cone container with a crisp breadstick as well. A fun little bite!

Last of all we couldn't leave without dessert. We decided on ice cream from a truck called Sinplicity.  These guys are actually based in Falls Church but are looking to expand into the DC food truck scene.  They offer some unique ice cream and sorbet flavors such as strawberry shortcake with chocolate chunks and Grand Marnier, Snickerdoodle with cinnamon and dark rum, blackberry & cabernet, and mulled cider.  They also offer a few cookies and even ice cream sandwiches. 

Our flavor of ice cream was Mission Fig and Goat Cheese steeped in Merlot. YUMMA YUMMA! It was very creamy and we could really taste the sweetness from the fig, the tanginess from the goat cheese, and a hint from the grapey merlot.  And it was served with a crunchy biscotti, perfect for dipping in the ice cream.  And whats additionally cool about this truck, aside from the fact that they are locals and try to serve all-natural products, you can buy their ice cream by the pint in select Whole Foods stores and at certain farmers markets in the area.

Their sign says, " Skinny people can't be trusted."  :)

So another awesome food truck day in DC! The final one of the season is coming up Friday October 28th!! Go check it out!

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