Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Carolina Brothers BBQ

Last Sunday after church, my family and I were discussing where we wanted to go for lunch.  The last couple times we went out to eat, we talked about barbecue but ended up choosing something else.  This time I decided I needed some barbecue.  But there's really only one place in town with barbecue.  Its good food but its a chain restaurant so its nothing special.  And then I remembered a friend of ours had recommended a place called Carolina Brothers Pit Babecue in Ashburn VA.

This is not a fancy place but Ive found those not-so-fancy places with the big barbecue pits out front are usually the best places for real good genuine barbecue.  And this place did not disappoint.  Rumor has it that the building used to be an old-fashioned General Store back in the day.  There are still some of those elements present...the creaky wood floors, the antique decor, and a nostalgic Hersheys sign on the window.

The eats are fairly cheap in price but not in quality.  I ordered the BBQ Chicken sandwich platter.  The soft bun piled high with juicy shredded chicken and served with two sides...we chose two classics...mac 'n cheese and baked beans.  The chicken was served "naked" but there was a bottle of sauce on the table. It had a bit of a bite to it but was mostly sweet and a little tangy.  The sides were tasty and comforting...the mac 'n cheese was hot and ooey-gooey while the baked beans were slightly sweet.

Superking got the Baby Back Ribs smothered in a smoky sweet sauce.  The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender with loads of flavor.

I couldn't resist getting a nostalgic Cheerwine in a glass bottle.  Sweet and bubbly!

And a dessert to take home for later...a home-made double fudge peanut butter brownie.  What else is there to say but YUMM!!

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