Sunday, September 21, 2014

Charleston Crepes and Farmer's Market

Our last day in Charleston, we were afforded a unique opportunity.  In the square right across the street from our hotel, the Charleston Farmers' Market was setting up bright and early that morning. Apparently its one of the largest farmers markets in the state of South Carolina. We have a few pretty nice farmers markets up here in Northern Virginia but even ours seem like small potatoes compared to this one.

the view of the market from our hotel room

Pablo is ready for breakfast

First of all, its huge. Not only in size and number of vendors and farmers, but in variety of things offered. There are over 100 vendors comprised of farmers, bakers, artisans (both in food and craft), restaurant/food truck vendors, and even performers.

We decided this would be the place for breakfast.  But what to choose from?  Pablo helped us choose the Charleston Crepe Company. Hubby opted for a savory one and I got a sweet one.

Savory: potatoes, bacon, cheese, onions...

Sweet: nutella, strawberries, powdered sugar... I think Pablo favored the sweet one!

Both were super delicious, hot and tasty! And the staff was friendly and quick-serving! A perfect start to the day!

pony rides

Pablo met an otter friend

Aside from all the yummy food and fresh vegetables, there was a wide variety of artisans from glassware to baskets to pet products to jewelry and much more.

There was a young girl playing violin and a tumbling dance crew. It was quite exciting!

And as an after-breakfast snack, we had a fresh, home-made popsicle...great healthy breakfast right? Hey, at least there was some fruit in there! Blackberry mojito flavored!!

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