Friday, September 12, 2014

Donuts and History

 Our third day in Charleston, we had planned to go to Fort Sumter. Since we knew it was going to be super hot and we needed to get there early, we opted for a quick light breakfast. A short walk from our hotel was a cute little donut shop called Glazed Gourmet.

A small local business thriving in downtown Charleston offering yeasty deliciousness with unique flavors!

We chose three of them to share...Blackberry, Cinnamon Sugar Twist, and Maple Bacon.

The cinnamon twist was light and airy and sugary!  

The Maple Bacon was unique. The maple was subtle, which is good because neither one of us are maple fans and sometimes it can be overly sweet and takes over all the other flavors. The bacon also was a bit subtle. Just enough bacon to get the bacon flavor without it overwhelming the donut and making it sickeningly rich.  There was even bacon in the donut as well as on top.

Our favorite though was the Blackberry.  Neither one of us are big on fruit desserts or fruit-filled donuts. But this was tasty!! Real blackberry, seeds and all, in the beautiful purple glaze!! Fresh and fruity! Yumma!!

After our donuts, we hiked a taxi to Fort Sumter. Well, technically we hiked a taxi to the ferry that was going to take us to Fort Sumter. The fort is actually out in the middle of the water where the Cooper River and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

Fort Sumter ferry

Approaching the fort

It was pretty hot that day but we were prepared with lots of water and light clothing.  The ferry ride was fun and had a refreshing breeze as we sailed across the water.

lots of cannons

Once we got there, we learned a lot of cool history.  Fort Sumter was where the first shot of the Civil War took place.  Friday, April 12, 1861, Confederate batteries opened fire on Fort Sumter and continued firing for 34 straight hours until the fort was evacuated.

On the way back to the harbor, we even saw a few dolphins, one of which was guiding the ferry back to the dock. Now off to lunch!!

 Glazed Gourmet Donuts are definitely Pablo approved with 4 ants!

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