Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cr*fty B*st*rds

So I'm taking a little break from my vacation posts to share with you what we did last weekend. So much fun stuff going on, I didn't want to wait! We took a little trip to DC for the Crafty Bastards craft/art show.  I know, they could've picked a better name. Sorry to any of you that are offended by the use of the word "bastards".  I didn't come up with the name, thats just what it's called. And if any of you are still offended, read the Bible. Because it's in there! Need proof? Read King James version of Hebrews 12:8, Zechariah 9:6, and Deuteronomy 23:2...ok now that we got that out of the way...

Crafty Bastards is a huge arts & crafts show held in DC. It used to be in Adams Morgan but a few years ago they began holding it in Union Market.  All the craft vendors are independent artists of highest quality. While it's all hand-made stuff, it's all very high-end professional-grade hand-made stuff.  There are roughly 170 vendors and there's a waiting list to get a vendor spot!

Artist: Mimi Kirchner makes adorable animal dolls like this foxy couple

Artist: Red-Belly makes dioramas out of tiny recycled toys

Artist: My Secret Music Box (one of my favorites) makes lockets that are actually tiny music boxes! Beautiful!

I've been to a few fine arts festivals with paintings and sculptures and have seen some very cool stuff. But the artisans at CB offer some more quirky, funky, whimsical, and unique items that you won't find anywhere else.

suitcase with a bunny!

Artist: littlegreenthings uses wood and paints and actually sews yarn through the
wood to make these cute designs

Artist: WoolBuddy does needle felting to make this terrifying yet cute bunny
with pointy metal teeth chomping on a waffle!

So why am I talking about this on my FOOD blog?? I'm getting to that!!

Artist: Rebound Designs (another favorite) makes books into purses and ipad covers

Pablo met a girl named Lily (complete with ants on her tongue)! I think he may be in love!
Artist: TigerFlight makes these adorable stuffed anteaters and owls and other critters.

The thing about CB that I love about as much as seeing all the crazy crafty things people created, is the FOOD TRUCKS!!! I've written many blog posts about my love (lust?) for food trucks.  There were roughly 20 food trucks there slinging their tasty wares.

A few of my old-time favorites were there: Red Hook Lobster Pound, Takorean, DC Empanadas, DC Slices, and Orange Cow.  Plus some new ones that we haven't seen before: KaftaMania, Lemongrass Truck, Feelin' Crabby, and Popped! Republic.

We first started with a new one called Puddin', which offers Southern comfort food.  We went for the fried oyster po'boy. Ever since our trip to Charleston, I'm in love with fried oysters! Beautiful crispy fried oysters on a soft roll and topped with a spicy remoulade and a tangy sweet slaw. Delicious! A little small to share but that makes it easier to eat another one (or two or three...)! I would definitely try that again! And of course, I HAD to get a classic Cheerwine, the official state soda of North Carolina and Virginia, to go with it!

Pablo is ready to take a bite!

After hitting a few more crafty tables, we went back for more food trucks! This time, we had to visit one of my faves...Takorean. We've been to this truck several times and love it! I'm always a sucker for a good taco. But these are tacos with a Korean twist, hence the name.

All their tacos come in soft corn tortillas, doubled up, and stuffed with your choice of protein: beef bulgogi, chicken, pork, or tofu. Then you choose a slaw: pickled kimchi cabbage, napa-romaine slaw, or spiced kale. Then you choose a sauce or topping: siracha sauce, lime crema, sesame seeds, or cilantro. You can buy one taco or 3 tacos.

Since we were sharing, we got 3 tacos, one each of beef, chicken, and pork. And we had each topped with the truck-recommended toppings.  The beef gets kimchi and siracha. The chicken gets napa-romaine and lime crema, and the pork gets kale and cilantro.  Each one is so delectable on their own but being able to mix and match the flavors is beyond yumma yumma! The beef had a nice tolerable heat, the chicken one had a bright creamy crunch, but our favorite was the pork; so sweet and tender with a touch of spice.

And then to top it all off...we got a siracha pistachio cookie!! So yummy! It was still soft and warm, the nuts gave it a good crunch and the siracha added just a touch of heat at the end that made my lips burn a little! That's good stuff!

If you've never been to Union Market itself, its definitely worth a trip if you're in the area. We plan to go back to the market on another day when its not so crowded with crafty bastards!

Righteous Cheese

Rappahannock Oyster Company

Co-Co Sala chocolates

Red Apron Butchery

Almaala Farms produce

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