Friday, April 8, 2011

In love with Georgetown

Ok, I don't normally post twice in the same day but I had to boast on the Lobster Pound's food truck win. And I wanted to share my little adventure I had today.

crossing a bridge on M Street entering georgetown

Superking occasionally has to work at a customer site in DC and this particular customer is right on the edge of Georgetown, right on M Street.  So he asks me last night, "Do you want to go with me? We should be there a couple hours."  I'm like, "Yeah that'll be fun!"  He goes to work and I walk down M Street to do some shopping!!
looking down M Street

cool colorful old buildings

So of course, the first thing I do is walk straight down to Georgetown Cupcake on the 3300 block. I knew they would be opening soon and the line would form fast.  I got there and there was only one guy standing in line so far! Awesome! I hop in line, Number 2, behind him.  He was a nice guy from Idaho visiting with a high school group he teaches. He heard all about the cupcakes and knew he had to get a box to take home to his wife that afternoon.
lots of cupcakes

lots and lots of cupcakes

The flavors I got this time were...2 Chocolate Hazelnut, 2 Cherry Blossom, 1 Hummingbird, and 1 Peanut Butter Chip. AND I even got a FREE SECRET cupcake!  SSHHHH!!  Don't tell anyone!

cute little blue bird on the hummingbird cupcake

If you follow them on facebook they alert you to a daily secret cupcake flavor thats not on the menu. Theres only 100 of them, 1 per customer, and of course you gotta know what it is to mention it at the register. And its free! Did I mention there were free cupcakes involved?  Today's secret flavor was Strawberry Lava Fudge. Yumma yumma!! It was difficult to only eat half of it so I could let Superking taste it later.

secret cupcake with fondant DC cupcake emblem

Anyway, after my cupcake adventures, I walked back down M Street and hopped in a few shops. One of my faves is Anthropologie.  I love their clothes but they're so expensive! However they generally do have a pretty decent clearance section where everything is marked down really low. I picked up a couple shirts with bright springy colors.

hungry cupcake customers

time to make more cupcakes

By then, my arms were full of bags and umbrellas in case of impending rain. I needed a rest! So I went into the triple decker Barnes and Noble, got a drink and a crossword book, and settled down at the cafe bar with a big picture window overlooking M Street.

eating lunch in the car parked at a Gtown Parkway overlook

Ah! Cupcakes, shopping, books...this is the life! Even with a few rainy sprinkles, it was a beautiful walk down the busy street.  Even the honking horns in traffic sounded melodious to me today. Why can't every day be like this?

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