Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Girl in the Kitchen

Today I want to highlight someone else's food blog called Little Girl in the Kitchen.  A couple weeks ago, Superking and I were watching Foodography on the Cooking Channel  The episode was all about food websites and food bloggers. 

One of the food bloggers they featured was this 12 year old girl who loves to cook. In addition to her food blog, she has several YouTube videos of her demonstrating some of her recipes.  She's adorable and so articulate.  She's got some really nice recipes too.  To hear her talk is so funny because she sounds so adult, like she's had her own cooking show for years now!

This is her on the CBS Early Show back in October 2009 where she makes the perfect sage risotto.
This is her recipe for Roasted Tomato and White Bean Stewed Chicken with Apricot Pine Nut Couscous that she made on Foodography.

Its amazing to watch her and its also inspiring to see a young person doing something so productive and creative and at the same time be so passionate and knowledgeable about it. She said she wants to inspire other kids to develop a passion for food and cooking as well.  I hope so too!

Keep cooking Little Girl in the Kitchen!

(You can even follow her on facebook!)

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  1. whilst it's cool to see her tear it up in the kitchen, it's simultaneously depressing think about how she's accomplished so much and i'm old and have done nothing!

    get off mah lawn!