Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sun City Cafe

Its really rainy and windy and humid outside here today. Gross. I wish I could stay in my pajamas, eat junk food, and watch movies all day. :(  Its making me wish for a vacation.  A few months ago, Superking and began making plans and saving money for a big trip...to Japan...then the earthquake and tsunami and nuclear disaster happened...figures.  We're still saving our money but I'm pretty sure a trip to Japan is out of the realm of possibility for this year at least.  So we've been thinking about a Plan B vacation spot.  And that coupled with a few really warm days recently, has had me thinking of the beach.  Oh how I love the beach!! I could live on the beach and never get sick of it.  All I need is a beach chair and a grass hut and cold drink...I'm set.

Last September 2010, Superking and I took a vacation to Myrtle Beach, just the 2 of us. It was so relaxing and romantic! I hadn't started my food blog back then but I was in the beginning stages of thinking about creating one so I began writing down everything we ate!

One of the favorite places we went was the Sun City Cafe. Its actually a very tiny Mexican restaurant located in a strip mall that was half vacant.  Its so tiny in fact, we drove right by it twice. But it had very high ratings on Yelp and is frequented by many locals, which is always a good sign! 

From the outside, it looks like a bit of a dive. And at first, so does the inside. We went for an early dinner so it wasn't very busy. Actually, if it hadn't been for a large family who came in at the same time we did, it would've been almost empty.  The decor was very eclectic with a lot of vintage looking furniture and very brightly colored abstract paintings all done by a local artist named Bryce.   None of the tables and chairs matched and neither did any of the dishes.  Some of the dishes were even chipped and on the ceiling was a trellis with fake ivy and flowers hanging down from it.  As eclectic and odd and mismatched as everything was, all of it pulled together to create a lovely, down-home charm, like you were being welcomed into a Mexican Granny's home.

This homey feel carried over into the food as well.  When seated, we were given complimentary chips and salsa, which were made in-house. We also ordered guacamole which was made fresh and very chunky, served with lime and topped with pico de gallo.  We then split an order a shrimp soft tacos.  They were quite large and filled with succulent grilled shrimp, tomato, red onion, sour cream, melted cheese, lettuce, cilantro (I love the smell of that stuff!), and slices of roasted red pepper.  All of that served with a small bowl of rice and beans.  It was muy delicioso!! Very filling and very comforting! Certainly not a super fancy meal, but a yummy one that was a perfect end to a day at the beach. 

And now I am dreaming of shrimp tacos on the beach at sunset (sigh)...

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