Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cupcakes for breakfast?!

Yep, thats right. I had cupcakes for breakfast. Ya know when you're a kid, and you want to have something super sugary for breakfast like cake (although my mom wouldn't even let me have Fruit Loops. I mean hey, it is a breakfast cereal afterall!! anyway...) but your mom says, "no you'll rot your teeth out! Have a pancake! or Eat your oatmeal!" 

beautiful fresh flowers they had out on their tables at georgetown cupcake

Well, now that I'm adult with my own house, my own husband, and I do the grocery shopping, I love that I can eat whatever I want whenever I want it and there's no one to tell me I can't! So there Mom! I love you but I'm having cupcakes for breakfast just because I can! And not just any cupcakes either. Georgetown Cupcakes!!

Every month at Georgetown Cupcake they offer a few select seasonal flavors. Well, its almost the end of the month and I had to make it over there to try one of these seasonal flavor for June...Orange Blossom.

An orange-infused vanilla cupcake with orange-infused vanilla cream cheese frosting and a candied orange peel on top.  Yumm! So light and fresh.  Lovely summery flavor! Totally worth the 40 minute wait outside. (I know it is ridiculous. Good thing we got there early!)

Superking had one of his favorites...the Salted Carmel. A caramel cupcake with salted caramel-infused buttercream frosting and a caramel drizzle. A little sweet, a little salty, a little sticky, and very yummy.

Now this next part I'm about to tell you is TOP SECRET!! So SHHH! Don't tell ANYONE!!

Every day on their Facebook page they announce a secret cupcake flavor! Its a flavor not on their menu thats only offered that day only to the first 100 people that ask for them. 1 cupcake per person IF you mention the secret flavor to them at the register. And if you are lucky enough to get the secret flavor before it runs out, its free!! BUT remember...its like the fight club...number one rule about the secret cupcake is that we don't talk about the secret cupcake! If you do, I will have to kill you!

So...anyway...the secret flavor today was Chocolate Toffee Crunch.  A chocolate cupcake with a gooey chocolate core and toffee bits inside topped with a toffee-infused vanilla frosting and more toffee bits. Superking and I had to split this one. But it was super delish!

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