Thursday, February 3, 2011

More DC restaurants...

Ok, now that I got my little vent out about Taco Bell, back to more fun stuff...more yummy DC restaurants!!

As I shared in my last DC post, hubby and I spent an awesome food-filled weekend in DC last summer and tried to eat our way around the city.  We practically ate ourselves to death, we were so full the whole weekend! So we didn't quite get around the whole city but we made a decent dent for just 2 and 1/2 days.

That Saturday we were there, we actually had reservations for brunch at a place called the Tabard Inn.  Apparently very well known for their brunch menu, though they serve other meals there as well.  However when we woke up that Saturday morning, we were stuck in a conundrum. The day before we had tried to visit Georgetown Cupcake (the most awesome cupcake place in DC, I mean in the world! At least my world anyway!) but the line was really long, like wrapped around the block, and the wait in line is directly in the hot summer 90 degree sun.  So we bailed. :(  We thought our first and possibly only chance to get in there in a timely manner would be to go first thing Saturday morning and get there a few minutes before they opened.  But what about the Tabard Inn with their fresh fried home-made cinnamon donuts and omelet with brie cheese and pumpkin spice cake with masala ice cream??? What to do??
cupcake souvenirs

We decided, let's take a chance.  Skip the reservation and go to Georgetown Cupcake for breakfast! (Sorry Tabard Inn, next time) And luckily, Fate was shining down on us!  We arrived about 15 minutes before opening time and were about the 4th customers in line. YAY!  My first visit to this cupcake haven! I was so excited!  The doors open and we're greeted with smiling faces and lots and lots of cupcakes everywhere we look.  We got one of the few tables in the front window and sat down to enjoy our cupcakes...peanut butter fudge (me) and salted caramel (hubby)!!  I actually kinda sick to my stomach due to some fried oysters from the night before which not agree with me.  But I didn't care. I was not going to let anything ruin this moment!
count 'em...1,2,3,4...thats my hubby in line at GTown Cupcake
peanut butter fudge and mint cookies n cream for the road
busy busy!

After the cupcake bliss, we walked around in some trendy Georgetown shops and headed to the National Gallery of Art to do a little cultural sight-seeing.
cool artwork at the gallery

raining art

even the hallway is art

After a couple hours there, we were ready for lunch at a place called Himalayan Heritage, located in Adams Morgan on 18th Street.  They serve traditional Nepalese and Indian cuisine.  It was pretty quiet as we were kinda early for the lunch rush but the atmosphere was cozy and friendly.  We opted, instead of a traditional American table, to sit in the booth/couch seating with tons of colorful fluffy pillows, more traditional Indian. Again, I wasn't a food blogger at the time so I don't have any food pictures here.  I remember eating naan (an soft Indian flatbread) and I think we ordered Channa Masala, a mixture of chickpeas and tomatoy sauce and other veggies.  Other than that I have no idea what we ordered but I remembered it being extremely flavorful and rich and yummy!  If you want a taste of Indian or something different in DC, this is a good place to check out.
Himalayan Heritage

cozy seating

That lunch definitely put us in the mood for a nap back at the hotel. Snooze...Now time for dinner.  Yes we're eating AGAIN! This time, back to 18th Street in Adams Morgan, believe it or not, for Casa Oaxaca, an authentic Mexican restaurant complete with unique Mexican art work and decor all around.
hubby looking over the menu while I gaze at the art behind him

Since this was our first time there, our waiter brought a plate of mole sauces for us to try and explained each one to us.  They were each one unique and amazing.  Flavors I can't even describe.  Mole sauce for those who don't know, is a common sauce in Mexican cuisine that is served with almost everything and there are many different kinds.  All start with a chili pepper...some poblano, some negro (black), some ancho, some tomato...and then added spices, including chocolate in a few of them.

After the mole sauces, we had Emmoladas, small soft corn tortillas folded and smothered in black mole garnished with Oaxacan cheese, which is fairly mild, white, but still flavorful. Extremely delicious!! Then we had some Tacos de tacos.  Lightly breaded turbo fish with chipotle tartar sauce. Very light and fresh.
carnival of mole sauces

One thing on the menu we so badly wanted to order was the cheese fondue with grasshoppers!! But alas, they didn't have any that night. :(  But we did also order Enchiladas de Camaron Y Queso de Cabra...enchiladas with shrimp and goat cheese and a poblano pepper cream sauce.  Oh, so rich and decadent! I don't think we had room for dessert unfortunately. 

After that day of epic eating, we didn't think we wanted to see any more food ever again...Almost.

There's one more place in DC I want to talk about but I think it deserves its own post...stay tuned!

P.S. I forgot I wrote a food journal about our trip so now I know what we ordered at Himalayan Heritage...paneer masala and shrimp tandoori...both very yummy! Check it out!

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