Saturday, February 19, 2011

Food Trucks in Farragut Square

To continue our food truck adventure from yesterday...after we left the Lobster Pound, we metroed over to Farragut Square.  When we arrived, the entire square was packed with people and there were about 6 different food trucks all lined up already with lines some 20-30 people deep.

The food trucks we saw there were these...
CapMac  (specialty-mac n cheese)

Sauca (specialty-global cuisine)

Sweetbites (specialty-cupcakes, cookies, muffins, etc.)

Meathead Mobile Eatery (specialty-meat...see more below)

El Floridano (specialty-global sandwiches...see more below)

SweetGreen  (specialty-salads and frozen yogurt, all organic...see more below)

Hubby and I decided to split up to maximize our food truck tastings, especially since the lines were kinda long and most trucks only serve til about 2, unless they run out of food beforehand.  Hubby stood in line at El Floridano and ordered the Chicken Chiang Mai sandwich.  Kaffir lime chicken on an Italian style hoagie roll topped with charred tomato salsa, avocado spread, pickled onions, and baby arugula. The taste was so light and fresh. The chicken was perfectly grilled and juicy.  The freshness of the lime and the veggies made the perfect compliment to the chicken. Their whole menu only consisted of 3 sandwiches and 2 soups.  All very unique. I guess you don't need a large menu when those few items are the best you got. And our chicken sandwich was great.

I stood in line at the Meathead Mobile Eatery.  It was kinda funny because I kept seeing this huge group of people near this truck and I thought they were in line. But they were just standing around.  And then I was told, there wasn't really  a line for ordering.  You just walk up to the truck and order! But then you wait, with a ticket and listen for your number to be called. So thats what all these people are standing around for! When I finally figured this out, the guy at the window called out number 124.  I looked down at my ticket...157. Ugh.

However, the numbers were being called fairly quickly and before long, he was calling out he got closer to my number the excitement and anticipation grew. Soon it was going to be me! It was like playing the lottery! Finally...155...156...157!!! Yay!!

Their menu is a little funny too. They offer 4 different meat sandwiches with names like Moo Moo (rib-eye steak), the Oink Oink (BBQ pork), the Cluck Cluck (you guessed it...chicken), and the Meathead (a combination of all meats).  I ordered the Oink Oink...juicy pork chunks, covered with a creamy cole slaw and a tangy BBQ sauce.  It was awesome! The meat was so tender and juicy.  The cole slaw, which neither hubby or I are huge fans, was minimal yet added just enough creaminess to bring out the tanginess of the sauce and the smokiness of the meat.  Defnitely a favorite.

After enjoying a sit on a park bench under a tree and horking down both the sandwiches between us, we decided there was just enough room left for dessert. So we headed to the other side of the square where the sweet trucks were. We chose SweetGreen for their frozen yogurt. Now when we say frozen yogurt, we're not just talking about some fake ice cream/ice milk substitute like you see in a lot of places.  They take actual Stonyfield plain organic yogurt and freeze it.  One flavor, fat free.  Which to some may not sound very appetizing.  But then you add the toppings.  Their list of toppings includes nuts, coconut, blackberries, strawberries, baked apples, graham cracker...just to name a few. And the fruit is actual fresh cut syrups or fillers or added sugars. Real fruit.  And the yogurt itself has a mild creamy tang to it that blends perfectly with the strawberries and blackberries we got on ours. 

And what's also really cool about SweetGreen is that everything they offer is organic and local whenever possible.  Even the actual truck and the spoons and bowls are all environmentally friendly! In addition to yogurt they also offer a whole list of fresh yummy salads too. Aside from their food trucks they have actual brick-and-mortar restaurants as well all over the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area. Yay for local and organic! The frozen yogurt we had there was the perfect sweet end to a perfect sweet day!

There were so many more trucks we would've liked to see if there was more time and more room in our tummys.  So we definitely have plans to go back another day for more food truck adventures! Can't wait!

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