Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Food at Etsy

WARNING: This post will not be about food!

Sorry! I just wanted to share something fun with all of you that I'm excited about. Have you heard of Etsy? Its a place online where you can open your own shop to sell things that are hand-made by you.  There are also vintage item sellers there too.  My sister-in-law Gwen and I, both have been wanting to open our own shops for a while so we got to talking and decided to open one up together.

Gwen does crochet...blankets/afghans, hats, scarfs, mostly stuff for kids but also some for adults.  I actually recently commissioned her to make me a bunny hat (I'm in love with bunnies!) after I saw a little girl with a kitty hat that had ears and a face and I thought it was so adorable!  I found a picture online of a bunny hat in a similar style and sent it to Gwen and asked, "do you think you could make this?"  She said she wasn't sure since she'd never made one like that but she would try.  I bought her the yarn and the next day she called and said, "its' done!"  I'm like, really? Already?  And it was true! And it was adorable!

my friend, Tierney, with my bunny hat on

my adorable niece, Chloe, modeling for her mommy

Me, I dabble in all kinds of crafts but for the last year and a half or so, I've been teaching myself how to sew.  I got a few books, asked a bunch of questions, and picked up a small sewing machine and jumped right in.  It was hard at first and theres still a lot of things I don't know how to do and am not very good at.  But basic machine stitching, I'm getting there.  I made a few really easy fleece scarves for Christmas presents this year and was given some ideas about selling them.  So right now fleece scarves and some simple tote bags are my specialty.
red fleece scarf with pockets

black/floral messenger bag

yellow daisy denim tote

So anyway, after lots of research and sewing and crocheting some sample items, Gwen and I officially opened our shop on February 1st...the Gray Kitty Boutique!  The name inspired by Gwen's own gray kitty, Jack. Its taken some time to get pictures up and items listed for sale (still in the process of listing actually) and there's still a few details about our shop we need to work out.  But it is open for business and waiting for orders!

Our friend, Meg, from The Red Spoon, agreed to help us take pictures. She does a great job!  And a couple other friends, Tierney (from Ruby Woo Loves You) and Emily agreed to be our models.  Aren't they adorable?
Emily with my green fleece scarf

Tierney with my ladybug denim tote

Anyway, if you get the chance, check us out!
There's tons of other cool stuff there too!


  1. This was so fun! I can't wait until I can get a leopard hat with ears!

  2. Everything was beautiful, and definitely quality work!