Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crepes Away!!

It sounds like something a group of foodie superheros might say.  But actually it's Crepeaway, a cool little fast-foody type restaurant in DC (of course) that specializes in making crepes. They have savory crepes and sweet crepes and every single one of them looks so yumma yumma!
Located in DC on 20th & L Streets

Hubby and I went to church Sunday night and afterwards we were yearning for a snack. So we thought, "we don't have real jobs where we have to get up early the next morning, especially on Presidents Day. Let's drive to DC at 10:00 at night and get some crepes!"  And thats exactly what we did!
making the crepes

cool mural on wall

Most of the crepes have people names, like Mikey or Casey or Antonio.  There was one even named Obama. Hubby ordered the Caesar.  Grilled chicken with melted cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and a Caesar dressing. Deliciously savory and hot!
yummy chicken and cheese

I ordered the Toto.  Warm melted nutella chocolate with sliced strawberries. Awesome!
check out those strawberries and chocolate

We so wanted to order another one! But each one was pretty good size and pretty filling.  But if we ever get the chance to go back here's a few others we'd like to try...

*New Yorker...cheese, proscuitto, capocollo, sopressata, tomotoes
*Dino...cheese, bacon, egg-over-easy, smoked ham, tomatoes
*Mikey...cheese, grilled chicken, jalepenos, black beans, tomatoes, chipotle sauce
*Simba...peanut butter, chocolate chips
*Rusty...melted butter, cinnamon sugar
*Carlyn...nutella chocolate, marshmellows, oreo cookies
cute...crepe in a cup!

Take me away to Crepeaway!! Get your crepe on!!

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  1. Could you please send dozen of those my way. I am crepeaing away. Reading your posts I feel like I know all the great eateries in DC. Can't wait to come there some days.