Monday, July 25, 2011

DC Weekend 2011: The End


Granville Moore's  is not a grand place, inside or out, but what they do, they do really really well. And what they do well is mussels. Their menu is limited to a few typical pub appetizers and burgers and then their Moules and Frites (mussels and fries). 

There are several different types of mussels they offer. I ordered the Bleu Moules.  A huge bowl arrives at my table filled with all these black mussel shells swimming in a broth made with white wine and lemon with chunks of tangy blue cheese, juicy pork belly, shallots, and spinach.  Words cannot describe how delicious these were! I'm always a sucker for blue cheese anyway!

Superking had the Belgian White mussels.  His also had pork belly but braised leeks and Belgian ale cream. Also super delish!

Next to our heaping bowls of mussels we each had a small basket of frites (crispy fries).  It is Belgian tradition to have your frites served with some type of mayonnaise.  Which I loved this idea even as a kid! Hmm, maybe I have Belgian ancestry... They had several mayonnaise offerings but we chose truffle mayo and bacon chive mayo.  Both very good. I loved the mushroomy flavor in the truffle mayo and of course what's not to like about bacon?

I have to admit, the place looks like a dump inside (and the outside isn't very promising either) but theres a reason people line up out the door for over an hour waiting to get inside this place every week!

This is the outdoor patio area where we sat. Its hard to see in the picture the trash can, cleaning supplies, and old towel hanging up to help block the sun and the back alley.

door leading back inside which was too dark and cramped to even try to get a picture

Two words...Moules and Frites. Thankfully we got there early enough that we didn't have to wait, but even if we did have to wait, it would've been worth it once we tasted those sweet juicy mussels!!

not exactly a 5-star joint but they serve 5-star food! we were happy!

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