Monday, July 18, 2011

DC Weekend 2011: Part One

This past weekend, Superking and I spent a long weekend in DC. Yes, we only live about 40 minutes away but driving and parking in DC can be somewhat of a nightmare at times so its just easier to get a room and either walk, bike, or cab around the city.  It makes for an inexpensive vacation thats kind of like a "stay-cation" since you're close to home and in familiar surroundings but with the added bonus of not having to stay at  your own house.

cool old houses near where we stayed

Last year, we made the same trip and stayed in a hotel and visited some really cool restaurants, which you can read about here and here. This year we decided to stay in a bed & breakfast we found in the historic Shaw District, called Mount Vernon Square Bed & Breakfast. It was owned by a charming couple, Keith and Lydia,  who had a beautiful house and served us the most lovely breakfasts each of our three mornings we were there.

Mount Vernon Bed and Breakfast

pretty flowers out front of B&B

living room in B&B

dining room in B&B

Friday morning, we came downstairs to the dining room to see the table beautifully set with clean white plates and sparkling silverware.  On each plate was a pretty little glass bowl filled with fresh pears and peaches topped with a fresh mint leaf.  We sat down and were soon joined by two other couples that had been staying there for a conference at the nearby convention center.  One was an older couple from Australia and it was very interesting to talk to them about the differences between our cultures and governments. As we chatted with the other guests, we were served scrambled eggs with sun-dried tomatoes and chorizo, waffles, and yogurt (which I forgot to take a picture of. sorry.).  Accompanying our meal we had tall glass carafes filled with orange juice, cranberry juice, or apple juice as well as hot tea and coffee. It was very lovely.

beautiful stained glass windows behind me

Saturday morning, we came down for breakfast to discover that we would be alone. The other guests had left for an early meeting at their conference. So it was a quiet breakfast but good nonetheless.  We were served a pretty plate of oranges cut into circles.  After the fruit course, we were given very large omelets covered with cheese and stuffed with more cheese, ham, onions, and peppers, along with buttered, toasted croissants.  Everything was delicious!

Sunday morning, our last day, we were given a beautiful plate of sliced mango.  We were also joined by some new people; a Hawaiian lady in town for business, and a couple from Finland taking a three week vacation around the American east coast. Again very neat to meet people from so many different places and cultures. We were also served pancakes, chorizo with caramelized onions, and scrambled eggs with some kind of herb in them.  The pancakes had another subtle  flavor too which I couldn't place but were delicious all the same.

Every meal they served us was simple yet beautiful and elegant and of course very yummy! Thanks Keith and Lydia! Can't wait to plan our next weekend in DC with you all!!

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