Sunday, July 24, 2011

DC Weekend 2011: Part Four


After spending a couple hours at the Natural History Museum...

in the butterfly house

butterfly landed on Superking's head!

the mighty T-rex

the Hope diamond

...we decided to take a walk down 18th Street in the Adams Morgan area.  Adams Morgan is a very culturally diverse area of DC comprised of colorful old row houses and unique eateries specializing in just about every type of cuisine imaginable.

cool old houses

We chose the Shawarma Spot.  Shawarma is like a Middle Eastern pita bread sandwich filled with shaved meat such as lamb, goat, or beef or some combination thereof. 

First we ordered the hummus appetizer. Yumm!! Fresh creamy hummus with olive oil and a touch of paprika served with warm soft pita-type bread.

Then we split the lamb gyro.  The lamb was juicy, sweet, savory, and spicy with a little crispy edge. And they had a little fixins bar where you could add your own components. We had cucumber, lettuce, tzatziki sauce, and more hummus. So good and fresh!!

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  1. Wow, at 12am I am suddenly craving hummus and gyros...thanks :P