Friday, July 22, 2011

DC Weekend 2011: Part Three and a Half

So Part Three talked about our lunch at Truckeroo and Part Three and a Half is about our dinner at Truckeroo.  Yes, we went back to eat more food.  So we like to eat! Is that so wrong?? Anyway...

live band playing
way more crowded than lunch

After our Truckeroo lunch, we went for a walk around the National Gallery of Art and a leisurely snack and a drink at the Founding Farmers restaurant, which we went to for Memorial Day.

popcorn of the day: old bay

By the time we got back to Truckeroo, there were two lines of people waiting to get in. It was packed out! We finally make it in and we hop in line for the Sabora Street truck.  It was about an hour wait before we made it up to order. Thankfully the weather was nice! When we got our food and took the first bite, we knew the wait was worth it.

Chorizo Arepas served with yucca. An arepa is like a cornmeal cake patty and you are usually given two of them stuffed with some kind of meat in between like a sandwich.  It was sweet and soft and really delicious. A great compliment to the spicy Spanish chorizo The chorizo was accompanied by a little crunchy slaw and some cotija cheese.  And next to it was the yucca fritas.  Yucca is similar to a potato but with a slightly different, almost sweeter taste and these were cut like fries and topped with a yummy creamy sauce.

The next truck we waited for was Takorean.  Just like the name implies, they specialize in Korean tacos.  We had a little bit of an adventure in this line.  All the lines were so long and we were still hungry.  It might sound like we ate a lot but when you split one small meal for two people and then have to wait another hour or more for the next bite, its hard to feel full. But luckily there was a nice couple in front of us that we started chatting with in line.  They hadn't eaten anything yet and decided maybe to try a shorter line.  Being the nice people we are, we told them to go ahead and try another line.  If you get through that and want to come back to this line, we'll give you cuts. So they took us up on our offer.

About twenty minutes later, we're still waiting in the same line and not moving very far and that couple comes back. So we kept our word and let them cut.  Then shortly after that, they found a friend who was in the same line but near the front.  Their friend gave them cuts and since we were so nice to them, they said they would order our food when they ordered if we gave them money so we didn't have to wait anymore! See? No good deed goes unnoticed! Paybacks work for both good and bad!

Ok back to the food...we decided to go for something unique so we ordered the Caramelized Tofu tacos.  Most people when they hear tofu they immediately get grossed out.  But trust me its not that bad.  In fact, when prepared well and served with other food that is yummy and prepared well, tofu can actually be quite good.  It usually has the texture of a mushroom or a semi-soft cheese and it has no taste of its own. It simply takes on the flavors around it.  These tofu tacos were amazing!!

such beautiful color

This tofu was marinated in hoisin sauce and served in small corn tortillas with siracha sauce (a little too spicy for me but yummy), lime crema sauce, fresh cilantro, sesame seeds, and a spicy kimchi style slaw.  Talk about yumma yumma!!

After we left Truckeroo, we decided we needed a dessert.  Let's catch a cab to Georgetown and go to the Thunderburger Bar.  And what do we find when we get there? Our friend Ruby Woo and company out for a birthday celebration! Oh yeah, and their Guinness Chocolate Cake was delicious too with Belgian chocolate whipped ganache and raspberry sauce!! To die for!

Heres some other yummy food trucks...

Sweetbites truck: cupcakes, cookies, muffins

Tasty Kabobs

Porc Mobile: pork sandwiches

Fojol Brothers: Ethiopian

Dc Slices: pizza

Eat Wonky: poutine (fries with gravy and cheese curds)

El Floridano: Cuban

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